Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Welcome to use Fenke APP. The agreement is website services that between you and Fenke website. Please read this agreement carefully. If you choose “agree” to complete the registration, start the procedure or use the service, can be regarded as you agree to abide by all the clauses. If do not agree the contents of the agreement, please do not register and use the website service.

I. Service notes

  • (1)Once your register successfully, will become a legitimate user of Fenke website. And will receive a user account and password. The account registration information is including but not limited to email address, phone number, password, user name, school name, grade, class, course information, etc. You shall take full responsibility for the account and password security. And also take full legal responsibility for every operation concerning your account, password and every speech given under your account in Fenke website. You can modify your password at any time according to the website rules, if found any illegal using of the user account or the existence of security vulnerabilities, please promptly notify us.
  • (2)Because of the service requirements of the Fenke website, need you provide the information of school name, grade, class, name and course. If you provide information is inaccurate, untrue, pretend to be others, containing illegal or bad information, Fenke website shall have the right to terminate your authority to use this website service.
  • (3)Fenke website has the right to amend the terms of service and change the terms of the contents when it is necessary, meanwhile will prompt you on the important page. You have the right to stop using the website service. If you continue to enjoy the service of Fenke website, can be regarded as you accept the changes in the terms of service.
  • (4)You shall agree and accept that the website sends commercial information to users by email or other ways.
  • (5)All notices sent to you (including but not limited to the modification of the terms of service, service content change and other important events) can be showed on important page announcement or transmitted by E-mail or regular mail.
  • (6)Fenke website is not responsible for your release of information storage failure and deletion. The website does not provide the deletion service for user account information and released information. If you stop using the web service, Fenke website shall have the right to permanently delete your data from the server, and has not the responsibility of returning your data.

II. User responsibility and obligation

  • You shall have responsibility and obligation as below when you use service that Fenke website provide.
  • (1)You shall not deliver and publish speech that incite and resist, undermine constitution, laws, administrative rules and regulations implementation. You shall not deliver and publish speech that incite to subvert state power, overthrow the socialist system, divided country, undermine national unity, ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity.
  • (2)You shall not deliver and publish speech and information that damage to the nation's social and public interests and national security.
  • (3)You shall not deliver and publish speech and information that infringe upon the copyright, trademark and other intellectual property or legal rights.
  • (4)You shall not deliver and publish Commercial information and other information that is business for the benefit of third parties.
  • (5)You shall not do reverse engineering, reverse assemble, reverse compile of software , or attempt to find the software's source code, as well as you shall not lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile and publish and set up the mirror sites, etc.
  • (6)You shall not modify and forge software instructions, data, and increase, delete, change the function and running effect of software. You shall not do interference for the software components, modules, data by yourself or authorize others and third parties. If your behavior has violated above responsibility and obligation, Fenke website shall have the right to make independent judgment and immediately cancel your service account. You must bear all the legal responsibility for your online operation and the recordings by system of Fenke website may be used as evidence that violate laws. You shall undertake all the losses and compensation that is the result of your behavior violates above responsibility and obligation.

III. User privacy system

  • (1)Respect your privacy and committed to protecting the security of your information. When you browse and shop on this website, will involve your real name, address, telephone number, email and other private information, this site will be kept strictly confidential and shall not disclosed your privacy information to the outside. Unless have the following five situations, it is necessary to reveal those information on the basis good faith.
    • a.Abide by regulations of relevant laws and requirements of the relevant government departments.
    • b.Comply with legal services program.
    • c.User offered to public demand.
    • d.Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the social public and Fenke website.
    • e.Other situations that need to public, edit and reveal user’s information.
  • (2)Fenke website will continuously improve the privacy policy. If the using of user personal information policy has greatly modified, the site will post the related regulations to notice you in the obvious position of important page.

IV Content ownership of Fenke website

  • (1)The content of Fenke website includes picture, audio, writing. All of those are protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law and other relevant laws.
  • (2)The copyright of courses in the Fenke website belongs to original author and the site. Anyone wants to reprint, use, copy, must go through the written authorization of the original author and Fenke website.

V. Use items of Minors

  • (1)Minors under the age of 18 years read this agreement and use service provided by this website should be guided by guardian’s guardianship.
  • (2)When minors complete personal information, shall strengthen personal protection consciousness in case of personal information leakage.
  • (3)When minors use the website service in the public place, shall improve the safety awareness and protect personal security and information security.
  • (4)The guardian and teacher shall strengthen guidance minors to use the Internet correctly.
  • (5)Fenke website provides service is assisted learning, minors should first pay attention to class learning.

VI. Exceptions

  • (1)In terms of risk of using Internet, Fenke website shall not undertake any responsibility for you.
  • (2)If you illegally use other person’s information to register, use website service and do trading. Fneke website shall not undertake any responsibility for result of all legal disputes.
  • (3)Fenke website cannot guarantee service must meet the requirements of all users, and also cannot guarantee service will not stop. The site shall not guarantee any showed merchandise and trading in Fenke website.
  • (4)Fenke website shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special situation that ensue damage. And the damage may come from using internet improperly, shop online, doing same kind service, trading online, using internet illegally and user information change, etc.
  • (5)Fenke website shall not undertake any responsibility for such situations (including but not limited to): the service is interrupted, delayed and your information lost , any third party loss by virus invasion, hacker attack, system instability, abnormal serve.
  • (6)When you use Fenke website service, may encounter some risk of force majeure, and make the service interrupt. The force majeure means some objective events that is unforeseeable, cannot overcome and unavoidable that lead one side or both sides to have a significant impact , including but not limited to natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, plague, storm and social events such as war, unrest, government behavior, etc. If turn up above situations, the website will try to cooperate with the relevant department in the first time, and timely repair. However, this site shall not undertake any responsibility. for the loss caused to the user or the third party.

VII. Governing laws

  • The contract, performance, interpretation of this agreement and all disputes related to this agreement shall be governed by laws of the People's Republic of China. All disputes related to this agreement, both parties shall resolve dispute through amicable negotiation. If no agreement reached, any side can institute a prosecution to the people's court with jurisdiction of the place where the website is located.

VIII. Others

  • Timelink Technology Co.,Ltd reserves the right of final explanation and revision for all terms of the agreement.